My obsession….

My obsession runs pretty deep with Lloyd Dobler.  No …. He’s not a real person. However, if I could mold the perfect guy… It would be Lloyd. 

I have always adored the character, from the movie Say Anything, for years …. Yeeeaarrrrrs.  However, I just realized that I do look for Lloyd every day. 

When I was making my recent ad for my business…. I realized, oh my gosh I am obsessed with Mr. Dobler.  

Look how adorable he is though. If I saw this scene out my window… I would be the happiest girl on the planet.  Haha

Signs I’ve should have seen the writing on the wall that I am obsessed with Lloyd Dobler. 

  1. I’ve seen Say Anything  at least 30-40 times. 
  2. My favorite song is ” In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.
  3. When a guy says he does mixed martial arts… Especially kick boxing.. I go weak in the knees.
  4. I have a framed picture of Lloyd Dobler in my room. ( yes… As I’m writing this I’m aware that it sounds a bit weird). The picture is one of the scenes from the movie. 
  5. Some use the WWJD ( what would Jesus do) method in certain situations. I use the WWLD ( figure it out)  when I’m on dates. If he’s not a Lloyd type. I usually fake a text (now that it easier with Chelsea Handler’s app called Go… Thank you Chelsea ) 
  6. I get irritated at the end of Say Anything and usually blurt out… “she doesn’t deserve you Lloyd!” 

What does all this mean? That I will most likely be single the rest of my life. Which… I am TOTALLY ok with. Freedom is a beautiful thing.  I go where I want, with who I want…. All of a sudden I am sounding like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman… Hmm. Yes!  I’m like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.. MINUS the whole hooker thing.  Anyways … I digress…. If anyone is looking for me, I’ll be over here chillin’, minding my business, living a sweet life and keeping my eye out for Lloyd.  

He’s my Chasing Amy… Which is a whole other ball of wax. 


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