Some people are truly ignorant…..

Ignorant people are among us… No doubt.  Politicians, pretend politicians, telemarketers, people that use their phone on speaker when they’re in a public place…you catch my drift. However,today I will be discussing A very special kind of group of ignorant people… morons behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Every week day morning I witness the same morons making life miserable for others.  This ignorant, self indulged group of drivers are dropping their kids off at the school my kid attends.  

Here is my open letter to them… 

Dear South Valley Junior High School parents who don’t feel the need to obey the rules or posted signs of parent drop off/pick up….

What is wrong with you? I’m curious….Is it that you can not read Or just feel that you are entitled to not follow directions?  
No… Do not pull out of the lane, make your own lane and park sideways in the parking spots to drop your kid off. It’s only going to save them about 20 feet … I have faith your child can endure that trek. 
No…. Don’t stop right when you get in to the drop off zone. Pull ahead. If you get confused … Please refer to the gaggle of signs in front of you that say ” Pull All The Way Forward”. We could fit up to 10 more cars in the drop off zone but instead we are all waiting behind you …Your Highness. 
My kid could have been out of the car and half way to class while you are stuck diagonal between two lanes blocking all traffic coming in to the school. 

I watch the same group of people do this every morning. It’s rude, it’s ignorant, there’s absolutely no reason for your inconsiderate behavior.. We all have some place to be. We all are dropping our kids off at the same place. Some of us are also having a crazy morning. Get over it. Either leave your house earlier, be mature enough to follow the rules…. Or have someone else drive your kid to school.
The other half of the parents from South Valley Junior High that respect the rules and are having to put up with your crap every weekday.  

Every week day morning I have to come home and meditate for 15 min…. Because people are ignorant.   

Ok… With that being said… Have a great day everyone! Oh..and  For crying out loud …. Please don’t drive like a douche.

The world will thank you for it. 

I’m out ✌️


Sunday Funday Tunes

Yesssss…. Talk about motivation!

I needed to get some things down around my apartment and wasn’t feeling it.   This song popped on Pandora and not only did I get motivated to clean… It definitely turns Sunday Funday into Sunday Naughty  Funday   Hahaha 

Nothing like dancing like you are a lost member of the Pussycat Dolls while doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. 😂😂

What’s a song that gets you moving?? 

Hello Friday!

It’s Friday and it’s my day off!

Even though it sucks financially that I dropped my Friday hours… The feeling of having a day off is amazing!  I have something to look forward to and I get some down time. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. 

The wrap up to my week….

  1. My son does not think highly of my impression of Eddie Vedder. But… He Still said I was cool. 
  2. Chicken nuggets are definitely more nugget than chicken. What that nugget is?  I’m not exactly sure.
  3. Don’t get your nose pierced during the dusty monsoon season when your allergies flare up.  Ouchie
  4. The shit people say to their kids astounds me. If you can’t say something nice or even decent … Keep your mouth shut.
  5. Wearing a knee brace for 4 hours while your teaching tap is no Bueno

It’s an over cast day, my day off… So I’m going back to bed for a little while! A little morning nap.  Haha!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!  😊
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Hello Girl… Where have ya been? 

It’s been a fun day!

A big thank you to Tina at Salon Tru in Scottsdale.  Five hours in the chair and my hair was being stubborn.  It wouldn’t fully take the color but it’s in progress.  In the next two visits it should be where I want it. But I do love it though 😍

Another big thank you to Burni at Club Tattoo in Mesa for the new jewelry and for being so patient and sweet when I almost had an anxiety attack from fear.  😂😂😂. He was awesome!  

Here’s to the next adventure 😘

One more sleep!

I’m pretty excited for tomorrow!

This past year has really been a growing year for me. I feel like this is a good “middle of the road ” time to really do something for myself or do something I’ve always wanted to do. 

I have two appointments for tomorrow.  One to color my hair (lavender highlights) and Two to get my nose pierced.   

I’m excited and nervous all at once and I absolutely love that feeling. It’s like getting ready to kiss someone that you’ve been dying to kiss.  

Super excited and I can’t believe the day is almost here!  ( eek!! ).  I’m a bit worried about the pain involved with the nose piercing. It will be me, myself and I so holding someone hand is not an option. Haha 

Happy Anniversary To Me!

It’s my anniversary on Word Press!

Music Love & Coffee has been a great ride so far.  It’s been nice receiving messages from others and getting to know them.  

Thank you to those that support and show your love to my little page.  

My blog gets ” not so nice” messages …

 I get messages like …” This isn’t a serious blog” and ” why do you post music on your blog .. Get off of here and get a YouTube channel”.    

Well.. First of all….

The title of my blog is MUSIC Love and Coffee.  It states in the title what my blog is about and doesn’t say I’m a professional blogger with enormous talent! Haha  It says it’s a musical diary and gives a brief description.  

So…. Maybe don’t read it if it’s not serious enough for you?  Haha not sure what to tell ya.  However, it’s serious to me. It’s my life and I take my life pretty seriously.  

Those of you that have sent me messages saying ” thank you … I’ve been feeling this way too”, ” thanks for making me belly laugh today”… You’re so welcome! Thank YOU for stopping by and giving my little page some of your time.  I appreciate you, I appreciate the time you give and I appreciate all of your messages.  

Looking forward to another year on Word Press with my little dog and pony show haha! 

Take care and much love to you all 😘

People say “stay strong”…

People say … “Stay strong… Things will get better”. 

When? When does it get better? Because for as long as I can remember…. It’s never been better.  Well maybe a day…. An couple of hours… But then the rug gets yanked out from underneath me and I’m back on the ground. 

Survivor? Yes… That’s me.  Fighting the fight every day.  When do I get to stop fighting?  When do I trust again? When ?

Because right now I’m standing … Barely. 

How much longer do I have to endure the hate thrown at me?  When will someone reach out their hand and say… The fight is over…. When?