Radio Silence…

I’ve been M.I.A on here for a bit….

Why?  Well where do I start? 

1. It’s the start of the new dance season.​

2.  I’m tryin to step up my online store… It’s been a bit discouraging this past month. Not a lot of orders coming in. 🙁

3.  Financially…. Summer’s are tough. My work decreases about 75%.  I’m clawing out of disconnection notices and cancelled policies, eviction… Things are slowly getting back on track. 

4.  With my free time… I’ve been working out. Taking care of me.

5.  A cute boy has been taking up the rest of my time.  He came in like a hurricane and swept me off my feet out of no where.  For the first time … In a long time… Im excited to see where it goes. 😬

Well… I’m exhausted.  I have a story to share… It’s happened about a month ago.  It’s about online dating.  Haha  I will share another time. 

Highlights of the story… LDS, Drinking Glasses,  Porn, Bizarre. 

Stay Tuned!


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