Make sure the person WANTS to get to know you…

Dating is a fascinating thing… Some good, some bad… Mostly bad.  

However, I enjoy sitting over coffee chit chatting and engaging in conversation.  Most guys don’t like conversation. I could content with sitting for an hour talking about random things like music, movies, live shows… Making fun of the Kardashian’s.  Whatever. 

After the first date of chit chat … The next date should be a fun and a little bit on the get to know you side.  A good night kiss is a must because what if they are a lousy kisser… End it right there. Go no further. It will not get better .. Trust me. 

Third date should be a lightly aggressive Q&A… Right??  I fee that it’s the third date… You should know who you’re dating and what they are about.  Not every detail but important ones. 

Why doesn’t anyone ask questions like … So where were you born?   What kind of work do you do? You get the point…

No lie when I say…. That the last 5 guys I dated asked me about my sex life and my preferences before they even asked my last name.  I feel on the third date of you are in to them, you find them attractive, they haven’t annoyed you yet and they are a good kisser…. You are definitely close to let’s make out a bit.  Why must every guy whip it out as soon as you kiss him on the neck or lightly bite his lower lip.  I mean really?  You can’t control yourself?  I find it annoying.  You’re willing to bring out little Johnny without even knowing my last name or anything really in detail about me?  What if I was some serial killer or a crazy psycho.   You’re just gonna go full out without any sort of warning or consent or anything?  

I shut that shit show down in two seconds when that happens.  The last guy I dated … On the third date this exact scenario happened.  I politely declined… Excused myself… Got a far enough distance away and said.. I don’t think I can date you anymore.   Oh boy… He called me every name in the book!  Shaming me for toying with him and that I was a whore. I didn’t want to do anything with your little Johnny and that makes me a whore?  I think my definition of whore is a little different than his.  

I think it’s funny that a ” man”  if that’s what you call them…. Can lie, cheat, take advantage of you, lead you on, leave you in All kinds and predicaments… and they come out completely unscathed… Somehow they are still a victim of what you’ve done to them. Meanwhile, a woman could turn a man down and be called a whore.  

I am not saying that there aren’t  guilt free, Gold digging, ice queen’s that are horrible to men.  I’ve seen them, I’ve met them, I have met the men that they have destroyed. 

I am also not saying that every man is like the last handful of people I’ve dated in the past year. Where the decent men are hiding? I don’t know. If they could slip that locator and with the Pokémon go app… I would be a happy girl. If I could walk around the corner find a Vulpix with a high CP level and a man that has his shit together and is a decent guy…. That would be fantastic.  Multitasking at its best! 

They say you should stick with someone that wants to get to know you or knows you like the back of their hand. I haven’t found that … At least not in a long time. So I decided to date my Pandora app.  With the Thumb Print station… It KNOWS me… It truly knows what I like.   Pandora thank you for liking me enough to get to know me. I will adore you forever.  

Now feast your ears on this tune… 

Because after all my negative feelings towards dating and most men…. I need a happy thought to play us out.  

Much love to ya!  Have a Fun Friday


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