I wish…

I’m a little blue today.  A bit stressed. 

I wish I had ..  Starbucks, a Disney trip, a money tree, a field of daisies and some Netflix time come my way.  Not particularly in that exact order. 

I need a distraction from all my distractions.  

One the plus side… I finished watching Stranger Things and I’m dying my hair lavender this week. 

That’s the only thing that is keeping my chin up today.   

Oh!!! The new barista at my Starbucks is rude , catty, snarky and bitchy all rolled into one… I adore him.  He handed my my chai yesterday then put down my nail polish!  Hahaha that was pretty great!  I want to adopt him ASAP

You know what else would make me happy?? If people still wrote letters.  I use to love writing letters.  There is nothing better than opening the mail and seeing a letter addressed to you.  

I hope everyone is having a beautiful start to your week.  

Trying to stay positive and strong… That will be my motto today. 😢


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