Happy Anniversary To Me!

It’s my anniversary on Word Press!

Music Love & Coffee has been a great ride so far.  It’s been nice receiving messages from others and getting to know them.  

Thank you to those that support and show your love to my little page.  

My blog gets ” not so nice” messages …

 I get messages like …” This isn’t a serious blog” and ” why do you post music on your blog .. Get off of here and get a YouTube channel”.    

Well.. First of all….

The title of my blog is MUSIC Love and Coffee.  It states in the title what my blog is about and doesn’t say I’m a professional blogger with enormous talent! Haha  It says it’s a musical diary and gives a brief description.  

So…. Maybe don’t read it if it’s not serious enough for you?  Haha not sure what to tell ya.  However, it’s serious to me. It’s my life and I take my life pretty seriously.  

Those of you that have sent me messages saying ” thank you … I’ve been feeling this way too”, ” thanks for making me belly laugh today”… You’re so welcome! Thank YOU for stopping by and giving my little page some of your time.  I appreciate you, I appreciate the time you give and I appreciate all of your messages.  

Looking forward to another year on Word Press with my little dog and pony show haha! 

Take care and much love to you all 😘


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