Hello Friday!

It’s Friday and it’s my day off!

Even though it sucks financially that I dropped my Friday hours… The feeling of having a day off is amazing!  I have something to look forward to and I get some down time. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. 

The wrap up to my week….

  1. My son does not think highly of my impression of Eddie Vedder. But… He Still said I was cool. 
  2. Chicken nuggets are definitely more nugget than chicken. What that nugget is?  I’m not exactly sure.
  3. Don’t get your nose pierced during the dusty monsoon season when your allergies flare up.  Ouchie
  4. The shit people say to their kids astounds me. If you can’t say something nice or even decent … Keep your mouth shut.
  5. Wearing a knee brace for 4 hours while your teaching tap is no Bueno

It’s an over cast day, my day off… So I’m going back to bed for a little while! A little morning nap.  Haha!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!  😊
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