Moulin Rouge….

If there could be a movie that was written just for me … It would be Moulin Rouge. 

The storyline tugs at my heartstrings.  I understand… A little too much… What the story is saying.  

I hadn’t watched it in awhile. But tonight as all the hustle and bustle of work was going on and people were flying past me  like sparks.  The song from the movie Fly Away  came in to my head.  I went in to the bath room and cried for about 5 min.  

Of course I had to watch it as soon as I got home.  It’s all a whirlwind of color and silly nonsense. Dancing, singing, some bad acting here and there. But the storyline… It kills me.  

The last song… When she turns to him almost begging him not to go. That feeling you get when you watch what you love the most walk away.  That one last attempt to make them understand that they are your moon, stars, sun and air you breathe…. It’s written all over her face from the first line of the song.  

There aren’t great clips from the movie online … This is the close I could get .   

Her first line and the sign of relief she gives when he stops to realize that he doesn’t want to let her go.  It’s enough to break your heart yet give you hope that someday.. Someone will look at you that way and never let you go.  


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