Busker… it is amazing!

If you’re not on Busker.. you are missing out!   It is an amazing live streaming community!  The Busker staff will check in on your broadcasts,  have chats with the community and always has some sort of surprise up their sleeve!   

I’m truly happy I found Busker and I’m so happy to grow relationships with other live streamers.  

It is always a blast to connect, share and network with the Busker community.

Viewers can enjoy broadcasts from a wide variety of entertainment and interaction. From comedy, music, art, travel, beauty, business, or just plain shenanigans … Busker has it all!  

Broadcasters can build their audiences, collect hearts given by viewers,  get tipped by viewers during live broadcasts & replays,  and NOW … they can sell Merch during Live  broadcasts or replays!  

It’s AMAZING!   Come join me and the rest of the talented Busker community on the Busker App!  

We’ll keep the light on for ya! 💖😊💖😊

Busker : Hizzy480

Snapchat: Hizzy5678

Email: musicloveandcoffeeblog@gmail.com
Have a beautiful weekend everyone ✌️️💖


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