No school – No work

One of the down falls of my job is that when the school shuts down… sondoes my work.   Struggling check to check is so stressful. But …  to have a week .. sometimes more… with out pay is just a cluster fuck. 

I’ve been stressing about this week for the past three weeks. Now that it’s here, I’m realizing ….. yes! This is going to be tough.  However, I get some fantastic quality time with my kiddo.  I’m usually rushing off to work as he’s getting home from school. Sometimes during the week… i may only really talk to him a total of an hour/ hour and a half that day. It’s been fantastic to be able to have this time. My kid is so funny. When we hang out … I laugh for hours. 

I feel very fortunate to be able to have this time with him before I head back in to work and he goes back to school.   Trying to keep stress on the back burner and not think about the out come at the end of the month.  Instead… I will just take each day for what it is. An opportunity to have some quality time and feel grateful. 



Take a break….

It’s always nice to get out in the morning, get away from the hustle & bustle of the day.  Here’s my get away today…. just some happy pictures to brighten your day.