The space between….

There’s a place where I’m at right now. I’m between wanting the knight to climb up the tower to save me or burning the castle straight to the ground. 

I’m 42 years …I’ve only trusted three people with my heart. Each one of them absolutely shredded it. Either by lying, cheating, tearing me down mentally & emotionally , or just tossing me aside like I was nothing.  

So.. it is hard to even let anyone else in. I don’t want to lose that ” fairytale ending” … ” one day my prince will come” feeling. Yet… I would like to wave the white flag , surrender and retreat to the woods to live in a cottage and become the witch of the forest that becomes a hermit. 

Even though the witch in me has always been racing through my veins… I still have that side that wants to pick flowers , talk to faeries , have a conversation with the animals, sing , dance and be rescued with a true love’s kiss. 

Love …. true love isn’t something that should develop. It should hit you like a ton of bricks. It should take your breath away. It should put a smile on your face as soon as that person walks in to the room.  Magic, fireworks and what fairytales are made of. 


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