Friday night at mesa arts center….

Well it is official… We are now starting into competition. Which means I will be spending my Friday night at mesa arts center. 

Usually I’m pretty nervous when it comes to dance competition season starting… Right now I do not 11th at all. I feel like my soloists no there routines very well. Also… I do not have very many competing tonight.  We have one solos, then three hours later we have the rest of them, then an hour and a half later I have my duet. We should be done around 10 PM tonight. Not too excited about that… Only because I have to be back at the art center early early tomorrow morning… Followed by four hours ever Herstle at the studio… That I have to go back again at 7 PM that night. It is going to be a very long weekend. 

I’m not really sure how it is going to go this weekend… I don’t want to anticipate for anything. Anticipating and assuming is overrated. I’m just going with the flow at the moment.

My patience and tolerance meter is pretty low lately. I hope I can keep my shit together over the weekend. Maybe I’ll get myself a day off on Sunday?


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