The day when dreaming ends…

Congratulations to those that have won.

You have officially broken me and I am gone. You can be proud that the girl who believed in love , fairytales and light is dead and buried.  There isn’t even an empty shell of her left.  

Hope everyone enjoys the creature who has replaced her.  Dark, cold, numb, dead inside. I hate the light. I don’t believe in love at all. Fairytales and happy endings?? Well … they are a joke. 

I’m sure most will be relieved she’s gone.  I’m glad she’s gone.  It makes me laugh that tears and pain were had for so many years…. wasted. Used up.  Died. 

I feel nothing. I care about nothing. 

Hats off to you. Thanks for doing me a favor. I don’t need that shit in my life.   The constant loving , loss, pain, sadness WHO FUCKING NEEDS IT!?!?!!!

I’m glad she’s gone 


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