Happiness Perks 

Life is rough sometimes.  So I always look forward to the little happiness perks that happened throughout the day. Hopefully… At least one will happen a day. It’s a good way to stay positive in a world that is completely fucked up and chaotic.

What are some of my happiness perks?

There always the usual happiness perks… The ones that score big points in the day.

  1. Getting flowers
  2. The car in front of you are in your coffee in the drive-thru line
  3. Finding a $20 bill in your pocket that you didn’t know you had
  4. Getting a good morning or good night text from someone that makes you happy when you’re having a crappy day

The happiness project or listed above are some of the best ones… They come once in a blue moon. However, you have to make The most out of the little perks that may pop up during the day.

For example…

I love fresh smelling laundry. It makes me happy. I love laying my head down at night and smelling the amazing smell of Downy Unstopables. ( no I did not spell it wrong that’s how they spell it)    Today after going to the bank & paying some bills… I had some money left over and was super excited that I was going to be able to buy my little bottle of happiness.. which is Downy Unstopables.  I was so excited! This has been a really shitty two weeks. From work, to my social life, stress from finances, let’s not even talk about the election..( haha ) I was looking forward to a little happiness Perk.  For about an hour I was super stoked! I could not wait to go to the store.

Then life happened… That little fucker. 

I soon realized that I was running out of cat food and had to use the money that I had to buy the cat food ASAP. Cat food trumps the happiness Perk. 

Sadly… I did not get my Downy Unstopables. 

That’s OK universe… You may have one this time. Hope you’re happy denying me fresh happy smelling laundry. I will get my happiness perk sometime this week… come hell or high water.

The Universe – 1     Me – 0 


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