Well… it’s been a crazy week!

This past week has been a blur of crazy events. 

I’m still trying to move past the election… it’s hard though when you open Twitter and your soon to be leader is having a twitter war with a Broadway musical and a TV show.  Anywho… deep breaths and move along.  

I choreographed a parade… it went alright. Not incredibly smooth but it went well. We are nominated for most entertaining entry. Which is pretty cool.  I’ve never choreographed a parade before so that was something new and challenging.

I had an allergic reaction to a new mascara and spent all of Friday morning at Urgen Care.  My eye was swollen shut and it was so incredibly painful!  I would show the picture but honestly…. it is disgusting!  So… $123 later , two antibiotics and a package of warm compresses… I was sent on my way to heal. It’s day three and though the swelling and pain have gone down.. it still looks horrible! 
Also.. I did the brilliant act of accidentally ripping my piercing out of my nose.  So… I had to go back to Club Tattoo for help. The guy that did my piercing .. Burni… he just laughed and informed me it had to be repierced.  You guys.. let me tell you…  that friggin hurts.  I can’t believe I had to go through that again !  Haha  You best believe i will be more careful after this.

So… that leaves the holidays approaching.  I love decorating for the holidays but I actually do not enjoy the holidays.  It gives me the blues.  It makes me miss my family and friends I’ve lost touch with.  It just makes me kinda sad.   Thanksgiving will be spent with me, myself, and I decorating for Christmas, cleaning carpets and ordering Chinese food.  

Last week was a bit rough but I’m looking forward to a new week and optimistic of things to come 😊
Hope you all have a beautiful week! 😘


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