Just wingin’ it… and it feels amazing!

Usually…this time of year I’m stressed Or I’m frantically running around trying to get things finished or looking perfect for the holidays.

This year… I didn’t do any of that.

I didn’t put Christmas decorations up. I only bought a handful of gifts. I didn’t do any baking. 

No over extending myself this year.  

None of my family was in town this year. They all decided they were going to have a family Christmas in Texas, they even flew my brother out to see them.  

I chilled here. Took it easy and just relaxed. Stopped by a few Christmas parties, called my closest friends, reached out to the ones I loved.  Then kicked back and vegged out for the day. 

It was low key. There wasn’t anyone being annoying. There wasn’t any stress. There wasn’t any rushing around. I did things on my schedule and did the things I was comfortable with.  

It was fantastic. 

During this quiet time it was great to reflect, forgive, move on and make decisions.  One of them was to move forward by not giving energy or putting forth more effort to someone or towards something that doesn’t appreciate, respect or care that I’m putting effort in to them.  Or… doing them same for something that doesn’t  make me happy or feed my soul. 

Feeling like your over extending yourself day in and day out is fucking exhausting.  It’s not good for your mind, body , heart and soul.  

If you would cross oceans for them and they won’t jump a puddle for you….let them go.  Even if they tell you how much they love you or how important you are to them… let them go because actions speak louder than words. Any fool can type a line or ramble out a bunch of words…but how they make you feel, the effort they put in, and what they do… that’s the proof.  

So… I saw slow down. Think about you. It’s not selfish to have the things you want for yourself.  It’s ok to want good things to happen to you. It’s awesome to want someone around you that would extend the same effort or share the same joys.  

You never know how much time we have left here on earth. I say make it the best possible. Love yourself first. Go out there and make yourself happy.  Go to sleep at night feeling peace.  Surround yourself with good people. No puddle jumpers… people who want to cross oceans and move mountains. 

Be you.. but a happier version of you. Because you deserve it. 😊


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