Love Music, Art, Comedy and  ” wtf is that” ???

If you haven’t been using the Busker app yet … you are seriously missing out!

I use to love Periscope and I still go on from time to time. But… the new up and coming live streaming app is Busker!

Not only can you find up and coming artists from every genre. You can tip/support a broadcaster as well as buy a product, art piece, digital download and more all from their broadcast!

Got a talent? Got a good gift of gab that can hold an audience?  Head to Busker!

Not only can you join this positive and supportive community of people… you can make money doing what you love! 

It’s not like Persicope … which is loaded with negative nasty people and trolls . Busker protects its viewers & broadcasters by keeping a lock down on trolls and malicious behavior.  

It’s a tight community full of good people , good talent and good times!  

You can find me on Busker as well! Look for Hizzy480

Have a safe and Happy New Year Everyone !! 💋💋💋💋💋


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