This scene…

If I had to pick one scene…. it would be this one.  The feeling of watching someone walk away when all you want to do is hold them near.

Too bad my heart is so destroyed, my soul so dimmed, and my will completely killed .. to the point where none of it matters.   

Love is a joke. A scam. A punishment 

This eternal nightmare… taunting me of once upon a time. It’s dead 

I look in the mirror and see nothing. Just a stupid girl that believed that love would win. In the end… it just ripped me to shreds and left me for dead.  Just bones to be picked by vultures.  Eyes dead.  Heart dead. Hope dead.   

No one gives a shit. I’m nobody and they were everything.  Life doesn’t care about good. Life doesn’t care about love.  Life doesn’t care about me.  

I will never be the same 


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