Tonight tonight…

Sitting here waiting to go to our performance.  My dancers are performing at MCC tonight during halftime of the playoffs there.  

It’s been a weird day. It’s dragged yet it feels like it’s going fast… is that possible?? Haha 

Today I feel like I’m in slow motion and the world is on fast forward. 

Only a handful of days and I’ll be on spring break!  Disney in three weeks!  My dancers are performing April 1st there. Should be fun!!  

Next week my dancer are competing in a live stream talent competition. I will go into detail about that later. 

Also … a ” mushy” post is coming too. Haha

Alright … gotta get moving. Hope you are moving and life is treating ya good.  You are awesome…  thank you for the kind emails. I haven’t disappeared…I’ve just been super busy. We’ll catch up soon!  

Muah!   Have a great day! You deserve it! 


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