Oh… Hello There

Dusting the cobwebs off this baby. It’s been a hectic and crazy time lately.  I haven’t forgotten about this little corner of the world … just haven’t had the time to venture to it. 

So …hello again -to those that follow this blog and hello there- to the newbies😊

Let’s start with your ” me ” time.

What do you do … for you?  You deserve time for yourself. Even if that means cutting time from someone or something else. I find if I don’t refill my cup… I am no good to anyone for the week.  Sometimes I get carried away with my ” me” time and get a little lazy…. hello Sundays?  However, I make time for me by making a Starbucks run, calling my Aunt and having a chat, going to the zoo, hiking trails or running around town playing Pokémon Go with my son.  If I’m feeling Uber stressed … I try to cut what I’m doing and take some time for myself.  If you REALLY need some time but can’t figure out what or how … go to your App Store ASAP and download the Insight Timer app.  It’s fantastic. A ton of different mediations and an excellent hypnotherapy session for sleep.  If you can’t sleep… this app is for you. I’ve been using it for a year now. It’s brilliant.  

Who doesn’t get stressed over finances? That’s right… NO ONE .  These past few weeks I’ve been a stressfest. However, I’ve tried to stay positive & proactive. Plus… it helps that I leave on a working vacation in a handful of days.  My four day work week and then off to California with my kiddo and 40 of my students.  So I truly can’t complain. However, I’m currently working two jobs, have my own online store and I’m dog sitting.  Work , work , work and still struggle , struggle, struggle.  What do you do to help alleviate your financial stress? 

Stress, worry, doubt, frustration…. we ALL go through it. How you deal with it is the end game.  Some days I feel like I’m doing awesome other days I’m like … ” what the hell am I doing with my life??” 

Stress is tough but keep your chin up and keep fighting for ” your ” better day. Because if you don’t fight for what’s yours and make yourself a priority at times… you will be on an uphill struggle.  I’d rather claw my way to the top and slide back down.. at least it’s more fun. 😊


Go out & get the life you deserve!💖


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