One more day…I’m outta here.

I’ve never been so happy to get the hell out of Arizona. A weekend away is seriously what I needed.  Can’t wait to get on the road and drive!

I was getting to the point that everything and everyone was getting on my nerves. Work stress, financial stress, bummed out about things… that’s no way to live.  So it’s time to leave.  Yes… part of this is a working trip but for the most part , I’ll have a lot of free time. 

My dancers are performing in California Adventure on Saturday, April 1st  @ 7:30pm

If you have the Busker App…. you can view the whole show.  Find me on Busker  @hizzy.   I won’t be busking the show but it will be on my account.  We’ll be snapping the whole event as well on Snapchat @hizzy5678.

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten away and been awhile since I’ve been to Disney.  I simply can not wait to go! 

I’ve been pretty much hiding out from people the past 5 months.  I ventured out one Saturday night and atttended 2 different parties. No good. I was the only single person at both parties.  That was fun. I’m being sarcastic ofcourse.  I stopped dating 5 months ago. Everytime I tried to date someone I was just completely disinterested.  Boring, predictable, lame….no thanks. Ive completely Lost faith in men … well people in general actually.  I just trusted someone and let my guard down a bit and now I’m regretting it. Harsh words can cut through muscle & bone and cut straight in to the soul.   Not good . 

I’m looking forward to venturing out and getting some fresh air.  Just unwind and let my guard down a bit. I’m tired of putting up a fight and I’m also tired of crying myself to sleep every other night.  It’s time to at least have a couple days of sun, fun and friends. 

This will ALWAYS be my ” Cali vacation” song….  


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