Disney + Starbucks + Vacation Time = A Happy Girl

I’ve had one day to recover from our Disney weekend.  It was so fun!  Expensive but fun ( which i will cover in this blog this week) 

I was at my wits end. Burning the candle at both ends … and then this trip revived me!

My dancers performed Saturday night (we live streamed it on Busker ) and the show was a big hit!  Disney coordinators told us that our show pulled in the biggest crowd they have seen in a long time. That was such a great feeling. Our crowd went from the new backlot stage,passed the old stage and half way to the Monsters Inc. ride!

We were super stoked!

Friday & Saturday was a blur of check points, getting to one place to another and lots of Disney protocol. But… sooooo worth it! 

By Sunday … I was exhausted!  Words can not describe how happy I was to make my Starbucks run while inside the park.  Praise the coffee gods! 

After my usual Vanilla Latte & my son’s “go to” white mocha, we were off to open the park and close the park. No stopping us while we’re there. 

By midnight Monday morning we were in bed and checking our steps and mileage for the day!  Over 21 miles in 2 days!! Crazy 

Now that we’re back….Getting back to the daily routine  has been rough. Definitely feeling it. 

Hope your weekend was great and magical as well! 

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Hugs & Kisses ….  Heather 


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