Oh..hello Mesa. We meet again. 

It’s a beautiful day here in Arizona!

Today I ventured out to Mesa to spend the day with friends.

Massage, Facial, Lunch with friends…. need I say more? It was amaze-balls !

I have a bit of a grudge against Mesa. However, I put away my grievances and drove out there. 

Driving down Lindsay Rd to Brown …. passing familiar streets…. passing familiar houses …. fighting the urge to flip off Mountain View High School.  Haha!!  It’s hard not to feel a little bit of nostalgia. 

I had a fantastic massage and facial followed by a delicious lunch  with friends at Flancers. 

Days like this really make you stop and think about what’s good in your life. Things could be much worse. I truly appreciate the people in my life.

Feeling full from lunch, relax from the massage, and have a happy heart… I finish my afternoon contemplating a nap. I wanted to buy flowers to bring home… A finishing touch to the afternoon. However, I could not find anything that wasn’t roses. Must be left over from  Mother’s Day.  

Oh well.. maybe some other day?

I think I’ll catch a cat nap before heading in to work. 

It truly is a beautiful day


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