Now on Tuesday nights I get to work with a bunch of talented kids that inspire me beyond words.  

Here’s a snippet from tonight’s class ❤️

Here are the Balletto’s Dancers performing my Choreography to Lea Michele’s – Proud 



I tried to move forward. Just when I think I can …. I move backwards. My heart refuses to move. Refuses to let anyone else in.  

It’s sad. It’s lonely. It’s angry. It’s stuck.

Every time someone wants to get close … I run.  Petrified? Maybe.  Untrusting ? Most likely.   Most of all… no one compares to the one my heart adores.   

Suffering in silence just breaks me even  more. Pieces scattered like a crystal vase hitting a wall.  There are so many pieces… where does one start?  


Why are you still in my dreams at night?

Is it because you promised we’d grow old together? And you lied?

Is it because my heart is stubborn and refuses to believe that you’ve turned cold against it?

Is it because I see your eyes and they are looking blank and distant?  Where are you going with all this? 

Why?  I rehash everything in my mind at least two to three times a day. What did I ever fucking do to you??  

Why? Choose that?

Why?  Leave me to die , come back breathe life in to me… only to run away with my heart… come back and fill it with hope… and then leave your boot print on it as you flee? Why? 

Why do I deserve this?

What have I done to deserve this?

Why can’t I be with anyone else without seeing your face? 

Why are you haunting me?

Why am I laying here in a pool of tears wondering what, when and why?

Fucking why??