Settling in to Mesa

Hello gang…

It’s been awhile but I’ve been moving… and that is never fun. However, I’m settling in to my place and getting things unpacked at put away ( except hanging shelves & pictures… I’m awful at that). 😬

I am loving it though and I’ve met so many talented individuals here.

I’ve been put on the ” Events Committee ” here and I’m looking forward to some new adventures.

Things have been a little hectic since I’ve been on here. I have a couple new jobs. I’ve taken a step back and I’m not too involved with the competitive dance world anymore. I’m enjoying life. Taking a lot of fun trips. I’m currently in a relationship with seriously the nicest, sweetest, most thoughtful man I’ve ever met. I’m living in a awesome community back in my hood where I grew up in. Things have been going splendidly.

I’m truly loving being back in Mesa,AZ. However … if things keep going the way they are ..I’ll probably be here for about three more years and then I will be moving to the East Coast.

So… for the next few years I plan on venturing out and getting involved with a lot of projects!

Can’t wait to share them with you!

Hugs 🤗 & High Fives 👋🏻


Oh… hello there

Well hello friends!

It’s been awhile….

These past few months have been a whirlwind.

Changes in my personal life, changes in my career, changes in where I live ( more changes to come)

It’s been very busy.

Let’s start with where i live..

I’m still in AZ ( for now) for many years I’ve talked about trying to get in to Artspace. Well after a lengthy amount of time , energy, money, tears, sleepless nights, and so forth…. I was accepted!

I can’t tell you the relief and gratitude I feel to be apart of this community.

Today was day one of the move. It was tough. It’s hot ( Arizona ), it’s just me and my brother and …. I need more hands and more trucks lol

However , I’m super excited to get situated and moved in!!

Home sweet home❤️

Kevin Smith in Mesa

Tonight is the night..

Get to leave work early & spend time with my little brother as we see one of our faves. Kevin Smith is in town and I can not wait. I love going to downtown Mesa .. which will soon be my new home… I just love it!

As a fan of the holy trilogy Clerks, Mallrats, & Chasing Amy… I couldn’t be happier. I knooowwww … I know he’s made more movies than that. But THOSE are the ones near and dear to my heart .. well add Jay & Silent Bon strike back and Dogma and we’ll call it even.

I love that he is at the Art Center. Best place for him. It truly is a fantastic theater. I look forward to many trips to the art center coming up.

Kevin Smith just recovered from a heart attack … so I was pretty surprised that shows were not cancelled. Nope… he’s coming anyways ( not sure if his doc approves) but nothing can stop this man. It should be interesting to see what kind of crowd is there and if it’s mostly just die hard fans. I always love seeing the occasional Mesa elderly couple going to show JUST because it’s at the art center. Haha! This one will be Interesting.

I’ll give ya the update on the show tomorrow. Have a beautiful Wednesday!


Well.. there’s that…

Oh hello…

Well where To start? Oh I know..

Yep… that’s me … with a sprained foot.

It’s been a two week battle with this thing and I finally broke down and went to urgent care. Badly sprained ligaments on the side of the foot . Good times. Of course I’m finding this out after I spent a week moving and hauling furniture and boxes up two flights of stairs in the old and new apartment. Plus walking through Vegas .. one night in heels. 🙄 Yes…. it’s sprained

One shot in the booty, a prescription for an anti inflammatory and a bandage. ( I rejected the crutches ) I’m out the door and Home.

Needless to say I’m a bit bummed but determined to heal before my Sedona trip.

I’m sooo looking forward to Sedona and my sweet thoughtful man got us a suite with a huge tub so I can relax and unwind. The new place I’m in doesn’t have a bathtub which is pretty much a crisis for me.

1. Because I’m pretty much a mermaid that needs her soak every night

2. I Make Bath Bombs. Hard to test out new product when you don’t have a bathtub

3. He wants to make sure I don’t over do it by hiking on a foot just healed from a sprain lol.

I seriously hope it heals!!!

What’s going on in my works besides this .. work work work. I’m waiting to here when my interview will be for Artspace ( which I’m checking on the place tomorrow ) and I get to see an evening with Kevin Smith soon! Oh and we have a convention for work which I kinda jazzed for.

Trying to figure it what I want to do on Easter weekend. What does your family do? Want to share some ideas? I would love to hear them.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend! 💋 take care

Spring Break

Well … Hello!

Spring break has come and gone and it’s back to work & reality. My break consisted of moving & some Vegas time.

Moving…. it sucks. Even though we moved less than a mile away. It still sucks. You never realize how much shit you actually have until you have to move. I can’t tell you how much stuff I threw out & donated. We even sold some of our stuff to a local record store. Now we have $70 in store credit! However, this temporary move was tough. It’s possible we may only be here for another 5 weeks and we may have to move again. Things I’ve realized in the next move… get better moving boxes, organize them by room, and label them.

Vegas… was the sweet reward after a very long week of moving. I had such an amazing time I didn’t want to leave. Being incredibly spoiled for a weekend… not gonna lie…. it was awesome!! Here’s some of the exciting adventures we went on that weekend.

Planet Hollywood Suite : Look at this view!! Waking up every morning and going to bed each night with this view was just amazing!

Love @ the Mirage : Wouldn’t ya know../ my fave show was dark the weekend I was there. We were so bummed. But… just gives us an excuse to go back soon and see it!

BAZ – the musical @ the Palazzo : We ended up seeing BAZ. It was awesome! If you are a fan of the movies Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet , & Gatsby… go see this musical!

Mon ami Gabbi. @ the Paris Hotel Best place to have breakfast …. ever!!! I recommend the blueberry waffles. They are to die for!

A day with dolphins & big cats! @ the Mirage

Mirage is definitely my happy place. I love everything about this hotel. A day with the dolphins was perfect for a beautiful day!

It was an awesome spring break! Super fun! Now back to work , back to time lines, back to juggling jobs. But… there’s another weekend get away coming up next month! 😍. A romantic weekend in Sedona. I can’t wait!!!

Spring break..

It’s officially spring break here. It’s a time that’s is super confusing.. loving the time off & hating not getting paid for the time off.

This past 3 months I’ve definitely have learned how to make some ” me ” time for once. No longer a slave to work and other peoples time.

I’m taking three trips coming up and I couldn’t be more excited! The first trip is THIS weekend… going to Vegas! I will definitely take pics. Especially my last night there because I’m going to see BAZ!

Having something to look forward to has truly been the game changer. It makes your days fly by. When people treat ya badly you just kinda laugh and ignore it. Having a ton of work to do doesn’t seem so bad.. because you know what’s waiting for you at the end of it all.

This past weekend and for the rest of the week leading up to the Vegas trip… I’ve been doing move #1

The first step to my quest to Artspace. I made it to the interview section but.. they have been a little behind and so I’m having to move in to a temp apartment for awhile.

Not ideal… but hopefully it will be worth it!

If I make it passed the interview process… I will be moving in to Artspace either early May or early June. Hopefully .. it will be early May because an Arizona June is not ideal to move in! ☀️ 🌵

For now.. my downstairs living room looks like a storage unit! Moving twice in a span of a 5 -8 weeks is rough.

That’s all that’s been happening here.. at least all that I want to dive in to today. Sorry for the boring diary entry ( without music.. or pictures?! )

Soon.. I will dive in to work life, Love life, more vacations, and my journey to Artspace.

Have a wonderful week lovelies! 💋

Oh hello…. again.

Once again I’ve been MIA from here. I’m in the middle of moving, deciding my career path , having a social life, doin mom duties, and running a business.

Let’s tackle each one…

MOVING: I’m in the process of finding out if I have made it into Artspace. Since the process is lengthy & Artspace isn’t fully built… I am moving into a temporary apartment for possibly the next few months. Which possibly means moving twice with in three months and possibly moving during an Arizona summer. Oh boy.


Career Change: To be determined


Social Life: I’m dating a very sweet guy who spoils me and I have no idea what to do with myself. He’s always a step ahead and my biggest cheerleader. I feel pretty blessed. To be continued …

Mom Duties: I have a teenager.. enough said lol

My own business: I have an online store that keeps me busy but not busy enough. Haha. I’m hoping to gain customers in the next year. The ones I have now are fantastic. They love my product and have been awesome supporters

Here’s a link if ya wanna check it out

Monday Off…

It’s been a very long weekend. My dancers had dance competition all weekend again. Over 30 hours of dance. It’s a lot.

Now it’s Presidents’ Day and I sort of .. have the day off. I got to sleep in this morning .. no 5:30am alarm. Woohoo! It’s 11am and all I have accomplished was making breakfast , drinking coffee , and doing the dishes.

I soooo need motivation this morning! I have to pack. We are suppose to move out soon. I haven’t heard back from Artspace. I am incredibly sad. Hoping they are just running behind schedule. I will be devastated if i don’t get in.

I’m still waiting … holding my breath. So many prayers and anxiety over this. I just want this so badly.

I had other things to talk about today but I’m exhausted and I’m fixated on hearing back from Artspace at the moment.

Hope your Monday is great!

why? Because snap chat is funny.

Patiently … okay okay…. impatiently waiting.

I heard through the grapevine that we’ll will start hearing back this week on Artspace. I hope my application is accepted and I get to the interview portion. I know I can give a great presentation in front of the board. I JUST need to make it through the application/review process. I’m a nervous wreck. I’ve never wanted something so badly before. I broke down and cried today (numerous times ) because I’m just a ball of nerves. I need this. My son needs this. I’ve had a lifetime of hard roads, disappointments, rejections, and being treated like I wasn’t good enough… this is THE time .. right now .. that I need a win.. a yes… someone to say ” I believe in you”. If I can get in to Artspace .. it will just set me on that path. I will be hoping & praying that I make it. Please God .. help me make it. I want it so badly.