That’s what you get…..

Well… i have been pretty much hiding myself away for months and not letting anyone in.  

For the past 6 Months … I’ve been holding back someone. Being very cautious not to let him get too close.

About 3 weeks a go I decided to let my guard down and let him in.  Only to find out …he was exactly what I was afraid of to begin with. Why do men covet , conquer then walk away?  Ego ?   I don’t know.

So now… once again… I feel like an idiot for letting someone close to me.  Seriously this happens too many times. It’s obvious there’s something wrong with me. I’m obviously broken…. or something is super off with me that I attract these types of people.  

I seriously fucking give up


It’s Friday….

…. and I’m not really in love.  ( little Cure humor for ya)

I have an extremely busy night so I’m having a very chill morning.
I’m at my Morning dog sitting job but the pup is asleep.  So…. it’s time to play music and relax.  I love this mash up…. check it out! 

Have a fun & safe weekend!  💋 💕 

Social Media & its Latest updates….

Lets chat about your favorite apps & their latest updates.

What’s your favorite updates from this past week?

Mine has been Busker & Snap Chat.

The updates are fantastic! Better look, easier to look up content, and a shit load of other fun and exciting things. 

What is your fave app on social media?

Do you use it to promote your business or for recreational purposes? 

Are you ready for live streaming to take over? 

When you get free time … what social media app do you go to? Or what app in general to you go to?

There are so many wonderful and creative apps to choose from!  

Is it too much knowledge under One finger? Or do you feel like it’s relevant if not necessary in the world that we live in today?

Oh..hello Mesa. We meet again. 

It’s a beautiful day here in Arizona!

Today I ventured out to Mesa to spend the day with friends.

Massage, Facial, Lunch with friends…. need I say more? It was amaze-balls !

I have a bit of a grudge against Mesa. However, I put away my grievances and drove out there. 

Driving down Lindsay Rd to Brown …. passing familiar streets…. passing familiar houses …. fighting the urge to flip off Mountain View High School.  Haha!!  It’s hard not to feel a little bit of nostalgia. 

I had a fantastic massage and facial followed by a delicious lunch  with friends at Flancers. 

Days like this really make you stop and think about what’s good in your life. Things could be much worse. I truly appreciate the people in my life.

Feeling full from lunch, relax from the massage, and have a happy heart… I finish my afternoon contemplating a nap. I wanted to buy flowers to bring home… A finishing touch to the afternoon. However, I could not find anything that wasn’t roses. Must be left over from  Mother’s Day.  

Oh well.. maybe some other day?

I think I’ll catch a cat nap before heading in to work. 

It truly is a beautiful day

I have no words…

I feel…  like I have nothing. Everything has been stolen from me and I don’t have the strength to try and get it back.  People take … until the pick your bones dry. Leaving you with nothing. And they don’t give a shit about you.  You could rot away in to nothing and they wouldn’t lift a finger let alone extend a hand.  Whoever said … it’s not a bad life just a bad day … can go fuck themselves.  Ive been sought after and preyed upon , left for nothing,  ignored and neglected, thrown in to the landfill….

No one really ever gave a shit.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to piece the broken pieces they all left me in. I hope they are happy.  To them … I’m just the dirt under their feet.  Their boots made a mess of me. 

I cried…

I cried for you tonight but …. You weren’t there.  Just memories flooding my mind.

I screamed out your name as tears rolled down my cheeks.  My heart was missing you terribly. 

I felt lost without you tonight…. the hole that’s in my heart ached for you to be here. Listening to your voice, Seeing your smile, holding your hand.

My soul reached out to you tonight … but came back empty handed. You were not there. I curled up in to a ball and cried until the pain felt numb. 

I cried for you tonight…. not that you care. I don’t matter 

.  It’s enough to break you in to a million pieces 

Disney + Starbucks + Vacation Time = A Happy Girl

I’ve had one day to recover from our Disney weekend.  It was so fun!  Expensive but fun ( which i will cover in this blog this week) 

I was at my wits end. Burning the candle at both ends … and then this trip revived me!

My dancers performed Saturday night (we live streamed it on Busker ) and the show was a big hit!  Disney coordinators told us that our show pulled in the biggest crowd they have seen in a long time. That was such a great feeling. Our crowd went from the new backlot stage,passed the old stage and half way to the Monsters Inc. ride!

We were super stoked!

Friday & Saturday was a blur of check points, getting to one place to another and lots of Disney protocol. But… sooooo worth it! 

By Sunday … I was exhausted!  Words can not describe how happy I was to make my Starbucks run while inside the park.  Praise the coffee gods! 

After my usual Vanilla Latte & my son’s “go to” white mocha, we were off to open the park and close the park. No stopping us while we’re there. 

By midnight Monday morning we were in bed and checking our steps and mileage for the day!  Over 21 miles in 2 days!! Crazy 

Now that we’re back….Getting back to the daily routine  has been rough. Definitely feeling it. 

Hope your weekend was great and magical as well! 

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One more day…I’m outta here.

I’ve never been so happy to get the hell out of Arizona. A weekend away is seriously what I needed.  Can’t wait to get on the road and drive!

I was getting to the point that everything and everyone was getting on my nerves. Work stress, financial stress, bummed out about things… that’s no way to live.  So it’s time to leave.  Yes… part of this is a working trip but for the most part , I’ll have a lot of free time. 

My dancers are performing in California Adventure on Saturday, April 1st  @ 7:30pm

If you have the Busker App…. you can view the whole show.  Find me on Busker  @hizzy.   I won’t be busking the show but it will be on my account.  We’ll be snapping the whole event as well on Snapchat @hizzy5678.

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten away and been awhile since I’ve been to Disney.  I simply can not wait to go! 

I’ve been pretty much hiding out from people the past 5 months.  I ventured out one Saturday night and atttended 2 different parties. No good. I was the only single person at both parties.  That was fun. I’m being sarcastic ofcourse.  I stopped dating 5 months ago. Everytime I tried to date someone I was just completely disinterested.  Boring, predictable, lame….no thanks. Ive completely Lost faith in men … well people in general actually.  I just trusted someone and let my guard down a bit and now I’m regretting it. Harsh words can cut through muscle & bone and cut straight in to the soul.   Not good . 

I’m looking forward to venturing out and getting some fresh air.  Just unwind and let my guard down a bit. I’m tired of putting up a fight and I’m also tired of crying myself to sleep every other night.  It’s time to at least have a couple days of sun, fun and friends. 

This will ALWAYS be my ” Cali vacation” song….