Moulin Rouge….

If there could be a movie that was written just for me … It would be Moulin Rouge. 

The storyline tugs at my heartstrings.  I understand… A little too much… What the story is saying.  

I hadn’t watched it in awhile. But tonight as all the hustle and bustle of work was going on and people were flying past me  like sparks.  The song from the movie Fly Away  came in to my head.  I went in to the bath room and cried for about 5 min.  

Of course I had to watch it as soon as I got home.  It’s all a whirlwind of color and silly nonsense. Dancing, singing, some bad acting here and there. But the storyline… It kills me.  

The last song… When she turns to him almost begging him not to go. That feeling you get when you watch what you love the most walk away.  That one last attempt to make them understand that they are your moon, stars, sun and air you breathe…. It’s written all over her face from the first line of the song.  

There aren’t great clips from the movie online … This is the close I could get .   

Her first line and the sign of relief she gives when he stops to realize that he doesn’t want to let her go.  It’s enough to break your heart yet give you hope that someday.. Someone will look at you that way and never let you go.  


Distant memories and far away dreams….

Have you ever sat in a dark room… Listening to the sound of the traffic going by… And all of a sudden you feel like a very small piece in a enormous puzzle?

I guess that’s what is considered ” the still of the night”

It’s nights like this that I go over every meaningful conversation I’ve had. Every face that burned a hole in my memories. Lips that felt like all the worlds happiness in one kiss. All the thigs I want to accomplish and all the things I’ve failed at.  

It’s like a tidal wave of thoughts,memories, feelings & emotions.    

During the day you can get side tracked and distracted by daily chores, errands, work…. That sort of thing.  But… In the night.. There isn’t a way to hide from it.  

The feeling of grief , fear, loss, rejection, heartbreak, failure, worthlessness … Decide to come out of the shadows and greet me with open arms.  Sometimes, I can pull the covers over my head and ignore them. Sometimes…. I invite them in and they over stay their welcome until the sun comes up. 

They ask so many questions…

Why doesn’t he love you?   Why can’t you be better?  Where are you going to go from here? Why don’t you just pack up and disappear?  When will you get your shit together?   Why can’t you be prettier?  Who can love a person like you? 

They will all yell at once. Loud. Aggressively.  

I curl up in a ball and cry until my eyes hurt to much to keep open. I finally fall asleep and hope they will leave before I open my eyes in the morning. 

There are nights… Like tonight… When I put  up a fight against them. It works well enough… Until panic and anxiety set in … Exhausted from putting up the good fight. 

I use to love the night.  I would light candles, sit in a dark room and listen to music, write poems and letters, say little chants to stay focused.  I loved the night. It’s too bad I’m absolutely terrified of it now.  All I see in the night is what I lost… Haunting me.  Sometimes I remember how he felt.  I remember how she cried. I remember how it felt. Pain, loss, grief…. Sitting at my bedside. 

I’ve always been strong. I had no choice. It’s something that had to happen to ensure my survival.  I survived… Domestic violence,  molestation,  death in the family,  pure heartbreak,  betrayal, lies,  more death, solitude, self hate,  the same painful heartbreak, harassment…. You get the point. 

I survived.  

Surviving is exhausting… Sometimes I’m truly exhausted.   

When the sun comes up … Things seem to melt away.  I know longer feel loss sitting on my shoulder.  I don’t regret loving those that threw me away.  I realize my self worth and feel sorry for those that have rejected and abandoned me … I would never rejected them and I would have moved mountains for their happiness… It’s their loss.   I could care less about the lynch mob that tried to attack my character at every turn when it comes to my business and the decisions made.   The sun brings me the strength to put it behind me and carry on.  

I do miss the moon and her company. But for now… I will look to the sun and the warmth it brings me to light my way.

Purple Hair… Don’t care.

My anxiety is pretty high today …   Some people really know how to be ridiculous.  ( insert eye roll here ) 

So… I went to my fave hair stylist at Salon Tru and she hooked me up with some purple. 

How do you deal with anxiety?  Everyone has their way of coping.   Sometimes I feel like I’m dealing with it well.. Other days it’s an epic fail.   Hahaha

The world of Snapchat & Busker

Lately … When I’m not working.. I check in with Snapchat and Busker quite a bit. 

I don’t know why there is somehing so fascinating about changing your face to different things… But I dig it.   And … Yes.. I over use the Puppy Filter way too much.  Haha 

Find me on Snap at Hizzy5678   

Recently I have dove into the world of Busker. It’s a great place for artists and entertainers to live stream their work. Tonight I will be “Buskering” some of my classes and choreography for the first time!    We’ll  see how it goes. Lol 

Come on to Busker and say hello. Find me at Hizzy480   😊 I know … I know…. The numbers are confusing.  Haha!  

Hope everyone has been doing well.   

Shameless Plug…

Hey friends… 

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Brands, websites, & social media…. Oh my! 

Hello Friends!  I hope all of you had a fun & safe Labor Day weekend. 

This week I’ve been working to get my brand out there a bit more. This week I decided to launch an Etsy store as well.  So my week has been padded with computers screens and apps.   

If you are new to my blog…  My brand is called BLISSES N’ KISSES and I make bath products. Currently… I make and sell bath bombs.  However,  my bath wash line will be coming out soon followed by my beard oil line.  

My living room is overflowing with boxes and my kitchen is stocked with ingredients from Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and various essential & fragrance oils.   I need a bigger place to stock all this stuff! 

Want to find my products or more info on them?  Check out these socia media platforms.  

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If you have a business or brand … What tools do you use that are successful?  

Happy Labor Day!

Hello guys and dolls! Hope you all have been enjoying your holiday weekend. 

I haven’t been sort of M.I.A here because I’ve been so busy and it’s been a crazy time ( good & bad). Instead of babbling on … I will put it in bullet points because bullet points make me happy. 

  •  I’ve been trying to balance work and play as much as possible. It’s really helped my stress level.  Cutting back on work has really helped my body and mind. It does take a big hit in the wallet and I’m adjusting to make things work. However, having a solid day off is truly heaven. What do you do to get balance in your life? 

  • For the first time in my life I had food poisoning.  Let me tell you… That stuff is no joke.  It’s been over a week and my body is still recovering.  I don’t think I will ever touch hummus again!!  If you have never had food poisoning let me describe it to you. It feels like someone is turning your stomach and intestines inside out. Yep… I think that covers it. 

  • Wells Fargo… Yeah they pissed me off a bit. This ad is terrible. It sort of craps on the arts a bit. Weird to put down an interest in a creative field when a creative graphic designer had to out this together with an ad company that brainstorms creatively to push products and brands.    It’s a bit odd to me.   I work in the arts.. I agree not the best paying job in the world. However, I think this ad is a bunch of crap.  Just sayin’.  Wells Fargo issued an apology this weekend for the ad and it was nice that they were apologetic and not defensive about it.  It was a thoughtful apology.  What were your thoughts on it?

  • Joe Symon…. I finally had the opportunity to meet this hilarious man. He’s one of my favorite live streamers.  He was so kind to put me on his broadcast and promoted my Blisses N’ Kisses product.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  If you have never caught one of his scopes or busks… You MUST!  He’s a riot!  Find him on Periscope or Busker.  It was truly a pleasure meeting him! 

  • I got to spend the whole weekend with my kiddo!  We explored all sorts of parks in our area.  Taking in the sun, playing Pokemon go , taking pics of all the cool AZ scenery & wildlife , and trying not to dehydrate.  Haha Arizona is a gorgeous state. If you don’t believe me check out some of the pics we took. 

This next one was taking from one of the local news Facebook page. It’s a pic of one of our monsoon storms …..

Come on…. Isn’t that incredible?!?! 

Last but certainly not least… We had a death in our dance family. Just two days ago one of our beloved dance moms passed in a UTV accident.  It was horrific!

  • She was a kind soul. Always positive. Loved by many.  Just became a grandmother.  My heart breaks for her family.   I had not seen her in almost 10 years!  It really hit me last night… You should ALWAYS stay in touch with the good people in your life.  Even if your schedules are busy. Even if you have gone seoerste paths in life.  You should always touch base with them from time to time.   How I wish I would have called and asked her to coffee. Now…. I will never get that chance again. At 51 years old… She has left this world. She was a ray of sunshine when she walked in to a room.  Hug your loved ones tight, tell people you love them , and make time for people even if it’s for a short ” hello… How have ya been ” over text. Life is precious and sometimes over too soon.

I hope all of you are well and having  A beautiful  weekend.  Are you doing anything fun??  Have a wonderful holiday weekend and I’ll touch base with you soon!  Take care!  

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Some people are truly ignorant…..

Ignorant people are among us… No doubt.  Politicians, pretend politicians, telemarketers, people that use their phone on speaker when they’re in a public place…you catch my drift. However,today I will be discussing A very special kind of group of ignorant people… morons behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Every week day morning I witness the same morons making life miserable for others.  This ignorant, self indulged group of drivers are dropping their kids off at the school my kid attends.  

Here is my open letter to them… 

Dear South Valley Junior High School parents who don’t feel the need to obey the rules or posted signs of parent drop off/pick up….

What is wrong with you? I’m curious….Is it that you can not read Or just feel that you are entitled to not follow directions?  
No… Do not pull out of the lane, make your own lane and park sideways in the parking spots to drop your kid off. It’s only going to save them about 20 feet … I have faith your child can endure that trek. 
No…. Don’t stop right when you get in to the drop off zone. Pull ahead. If you get confused … Please refer to the gaggle of signs in front of you that say ” Pull All The Way Forward”. We could fit up to 10 more cars in the drop off zone but instead we are all waiting behind you …Your Highness. 
My kid could have been out of the car and half way to class while you are stuck diagonal between two lanes blocking all traffic coming in to the school. 

I watch the same group of people do this every morning. It’s rude, it’s ignorant, there’s absolutely no reason for your inconsiderate behavior.. We all have some place to be. We all are dropping our kids off at the same place. Some of us are also having a crazy morning. Get over it. Either leave your house earlier, be mature enough to follow the rules…. Or have someone else drive your kid to school.
The other half of the parents from South Valley Junior High that respect the rules and are having to put up with your crap every weekday.  

Every week day morning I have to come home and meditate for 15 min…. Because people are ignorant.   

Ok… With that being said… Have a great day everyone! Oh..and  For crying out loud …. Please don’t drive like a douche.

The world will thank you for it. 

I’m out ✌️

Sunday Funday Tunes

Yesssss…. Talk about motivation!

I needed to get some things down around my apartment and wasn’t feeling it.   This song popped on Pandora and not only did I get motivated to clean… It definitely turns Sunday Funday into Sunday Naughty  Funday   Hahaha 

Nothing like dancing like you are a lost member of the Pussycat Dolls while doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. 😂😂

What’s a song that gets you moving?? 

Hello Friday!

It’s Friday and it’s my day off!

Even though it sucks financially that I dropped my Friday hours… The feeling of having a day off is amazing!  I have something to look forward to and I get some down time. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. 

The wrap up to my week….

  1. My son does not think highly of my impression of Eddie Vedder. But… He Still said I was cool. 
  2. Chicken nuggets are definitely more nugget than chicken. What that nugget is?  I’m not exactly sure.
  3. Don’t get your nose pierced during the dusty monsoon season when your allergies flare up.  Ouchie
  4. The shit people say to their kids astounds me. If you can’t say something nice or even decent … Keep your mouth shut.
  5. Wearing a knee brace for 4 hours while your teaching tap is no Bueno

It’s an over cast day, my day off… So I’m going back to bed for a little while! A little morning nap.  Haha!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!  😊
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